“Open your heart”

My horsey friend, Kate, came out to the stable yesterday and did some energy work with my mare, Rosie.  Kate worked with her for about an hour and did some amazing things, but what stuck with me the most was when she said, “Horses almost always have an open heart”.  It’s just in their nature; in all of the many years that I’ve been working with people and horses, I’ve known this to be true.

What does it that really mean though, to have an ‘open heart’?  For horses it means acceptance, not judging self or others, being open to the relationship every time – even if someone didn’t do it perfectly.  Like me, when I’m riding… I often bump on the saddle because my back is stiff, or I pull on my horse’s mouth too much because I lost my balance.  But through it all, my mare still has an open heart and seeks out a relationship with me every time! What does having an open heart mean to you?