“Follow your instincts”

I went out to the barn the other day and one of my mares was in heat.  For all of you non-horsey people out there, let’s just say that about once a month, the girls are very flirty with the boys and receptive to their attention.

Well, that one day when I put my mare out into the pasture next to some very attractive geldings, she was so very excited to say “Hi!” in the way that horses do,  but then immediately left to go get big mouthfuls of that luscious green grass.  It wasn’t even a contest between continuing a relationship and satisfying her hunger – and once she started eating, she paid no attention to the boys (although they were still pretty interested in her).

Horses typically know their priorities by following their instincts: Food, water, shelter, mating and caring for their young are all up there at the top in their basic survival plan.  But once those needs are met, what comes next?  Establishing friendships, pride in their work, lazing around in the sun?  The “what’s next” is different for every horse, which makes them not so different from humans, in that regard.  But they don’t spend an hour debating if they should eat that grass, take a nap in the sun or go hang out with a friend – they just follow their instincts and do it.

So, what are your priorities?  What is important to you? Once your body is fed, what is it that feeds your soul and makes you feel alive?  Horse wisdom tells us to get out of our heads and follow our instincts.  So, find those things that feed your body and feed your soul, and then don’t overthink it – just get out and do them!