Heart Horses

At home in Durango


The first word that comes to mind when describing Daisy is healer, and because of this, she has a profound impact on everyone that works with her.  She is kind and gentle and possesses a deep compassion and wisdom.  She’s a big, black, beautiful Percheron/Morgan and is most definitely the lead mare in all horsey situations.  She will help you find and nurture the lead mare in yourself as well- one that is confident, assertive and passionate.  It is a true gift to work with Daisy and I’m continually guided by her wisdom and strength.



Rosie is a Haflinger/Gypsy Vanner pony.  She is curious, playful, strong-willed, independent and very, very cute. She is definitely the teenager of the herd. One minute she’ll have you laughing hysterically, and the next minute you’ll want to pull your hair out because she’s not doing what you’re telling her.  (Parents, does that sound familiar)?  You think you are saying everything very clearly, but when she doesn’t respond, it pushes you to slow down, gain clarity, say what you mean and mean what you say.  She’s brillant to work with if you want to get clear with your intentions and communication.  After all, couldn’t that benefit all of our relationships?  This little pony makes me laugh, cry, curse and feel at peace – all within the matter of a couple of minute!  She is a true treasure to have as a horse partner.



Burt is the wise, old elder.  He is patient, kind, steady and trustworthy in all situations. He had been a trail horse all of his life before coming to Morningstar Ranch and in his semi-retirement, he is really coming around to this work of connection with people.  He is a complete joy as a partner.


And Abroad

  Tharros ~ Tuscany, Italy

Tharros is a Sardinian Arabian, a breed that is known for their stamina, speed and firey temperament and I’ve been lucky enough to have him as my partner for several of my trips in Tuscany.  He has carried me safely, in all gaits, in all terrain and in all weather with a strength and dependability that has made my experiences with him a true pleasure.  And he’s super fast and fun to ride!


  Tierreny ~ Ireland

The quientessential Irish gentleman, my little Connemara horse, Tierreny.  I spent hours in the saddle with this amazing partner, traversing many miles of the countryside.  He was willing, kind, sensitive and reponsive.  If there was a horse that I could bring back to the States for my own, this would be the guy.  Luckily he has a wonderful life with his family in Ireland and really seems to love his work.


 Rayo ~ Costa Rica

Rayo had a thing or two to teach me and that’s why he choose to partner with me the last time I was in Costa Rica.  At the Leaves and Lizards retreat center, they blindfold the human participants, bring the horses in to the arena and see what horse picks what human.  Suffice it to say that it was a powerful and intense experience.  Rayo taught me many things, but his calm demeanor, confidence and playfulness were a true blessing both in the arena and on the trail.


 No longer with us, but still in our hearts

  Blue Boy

He was just an old trail horse when I first met him – not much to look at with his short, stubby tail and his multitude of scars. He had been working in service to humans, carrying them through the mountains for years and if his scars could tell stories, they would probably say that some of his humans had not been very kind to him throughout the years. The only thing he seemed to want to do when we first got him was to eat grass and be to left alone. He would turn away when anyone walked into his pasture.

As I got to know Blue and started some rehabilitation work on connection and relationship with people, he slowly began to wake up and transform. He started greeting us when we walked in to his pasture and began showing a curiosity and an aptitude for healing work with clients.

As the months and years went on, he became a steadfast partner and it was apparent that he loved his new job. He would stand like a statue for little kids just learning how to be safe around horses but he would also give older clients some challenges to work on – especially when it came to picking up his big, old feet.

He was a wise and gentle teacher, a healer of hearts and a good friend to all. He is and always will be, greatly missed.


  Martha ~ Costa Rica

I only played with this horse for an hour during a photo shoot last year in Costa Rica, but in that time she really touched my heart with her wonderful and gentle spirit.

Just like people in our lives, there are some animals that we feel especially connected and drawn to and the bond runs deep for inexplicable reasons. This mare was one of those for me.

Thank you for our time together, sweet girl