Equine Guided Coaching

Wake to a day full of possibilities, every day!


Let me and my horses help you discover your best life and the “you” you want to be.

Horses are uniquely gifted at showing you exactly what you need in order to move forward towards your best life. They help you find that “aha” moment and see clearly what are your roadblocks and barriers – real and perceived.

They aren’t magicians, but simply intuitive animals that have lived thousands of years in a hierarchical herd, dependent on their awareness, relationships and nonverbal communication for their very survival – much the same as people.

Over the years, humans have lost much of that awareness, mindfulness, intuition and our own inner wisdom – the very things that guide us towards happiness and success. If you are looking to make some positive changes in your life, come for some equine coaching sessions and see how quickly you can learn how to be present in the moment, pay attention to your inner wisdom and come up with the answers to create lasting transformation.

Sessions are upon appointment and are on a year round basis. Horse experience is not required for participation in coaching sessions. I’m there to guide you and facilitate the process of discovery and learning.  Length is 1.5 hours in duration and cost is $150 for a completely individualized and private session with me and the horses.





Corporate and Business Intensives

Adventure-based Equine Guided Coaching and Teambuilding Extravaganzas:    ½ day, full day and multi day equine guided learning, coaching and teambuilding sessions.


Emerge yourselves in an equine-guided retreat and see how through working with horses you can:

  • Enrich and enhance your work and home environment

  • Increase communication and productivity

  • Create lasting and positive change in your personal and professional relationships

  • Understand your personal leadership style

  • Develop your intuitive leadership skills

People absorb and retain information better when the learning is done:

  • Experientially

  • In a state of fun and play

  • Outside of their comfort zones

  • When an element of safe risk is involved

  • In a state of focused calmness as opposed to elevated stress


For Individuals, Families and Small Groups

Taking time away from daily life to be out in nature with the horses and one another is a wonderful way to find balance, discover new insights about yourselves and take in the beauty of Southwest Colorado. Come play with and learn from the horses, and spend some quality time getting inspired and reconnected with yourself, one another and nature.

Whether you want to have an adventure-based horse trip in the mountains or desert of the Four Corners, a weekend of mindfulness-based activities at the beautiful ranch in Durango or a combination of the two, I can work with you to design an experience perfectly tailored to you and your group.




Mini Package

  • ½ and full day equine facilitated learning, teambuilding activities and coaching experiences at Morningstar Ranch in Durango.

Pony Package ~ 3 options

  • One full day of programming including  4 hours of equine guided coaching and teambuilding activities at Morningstar Ranch and a 2-hour trail ride at Rapp Corral.

  • 2 days of horse experiences including one full day and one half day of equine guided coaching and teambuilding activities at Morningstar Ranch and a 2-hour trail ride at Rapp Corral.

  • 2 full days of equine guided coaching with a deep dive into self-discovery.

Horse Package – “comfort and connection”

  • A 3 day deep dive into equine guided coaching and teambuilding activities. This is a custom planned horse experience tailored specifically for your family, business or group.  Indulge in the comfort, serenity and beauty of the Morningstar Ranch while your group enjoys a program specifically developed for you. Food, lodging and horse activities will be provided for the duration of your time with us.  Maximum of 8 participants.

Draft Package – “riding and roughing it”

  • Backcountry riding, camping out, adventure and exploration while actively processing group dynamics and personal roles.  Many trips available in the mountains and deserts of the Four Corners.  We will work with you to develop the right trip for your group.  Food, kitchen gear and horse experiences will be provided for you for the duration of the trip.  If you need personal gear such as tents, sleeping bags and pads, we can provide those at an additional cost.



Please contact me for prices and availability.