Discover the art of Mindful Travel and find inspiration, adventure and joy through the way of the Horse.

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“There is something about being around horse people, no matter what country, that allows for immediate ease and connection. It breaks down barriers of language and culture unlike any other travel experience that I’ve ever had”

~ Susan

Adventure travel trips with horses will have you looking within yourself to find balance, rediscover lasting joy, renew your spirit and guide you towards transformative revelations. During every trip, it is my mission to help you find those things through eye-opening and awe inspiring experiences.

It is truly my desire for you to live your best life everyday and through our inital phone coaching sessions and the adventure trip itself,  I will give you concrete tools that you can use to bring happiness, balace and peace to your everyday life.  Joy Rides trips are not about escaping your life for a week, they are about enhancing it for a lifetime.  And, best of all, they are a complete BLAST!

Adventure travel trips with our horses will have you looking within yourself to find balance, rediscover your joy, renew your s

All trip packages include:

  • A one of a kind, off the beaten path, travel experience in a small group setting.  Group size is never larger than 10 guests.

  • Your own horse for the week selected for your riding level, personality and preference.

  • Complete cultural immersion with family style meals, traditional entertainment, and off-the-beaten path experiences and areas.

  • Riding instruction, natural horsemanship lessons, and 1:1 equine guided coaching with you and your horse.

  • Local chefs that produce healthy and delicious food, local to the region.  Many of our meals are farm-to-table cuisine.

  • Accommodations that are typical of the region and that provide a complete immersion into the local culture of the area.

  • 2 months of bi-monthly phone coaching calls (4 total) prior to our trip to discuss what you hope to discover and gain from the adventure.

  • 1  phone coaching call (2 total) after our trip to continue the process of self-discovery and mindful living.

  • Lifelong connections and friendships with myself, other group members and host families far and wide.

All trips are appropriate for women and men ages 18 years and older.  Younger guests may be accepted with Joy Rides approval.   Individualized family trips are available upon request and can accommodate kids that have the appropriate riding and fitness levels.  Some trips may include a non riding option for the non horsey folks in your family.  Please contact us for details.

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