Horses, Yoga and Mindfulness Spring Series 

Rejuvenating with Self Care 


If you continue to feel stressed, worried and anxious about what the future holds, you’re not alone.  Everybody that I talk to is being affected immensely by the long duration that we’ve been dealing with COVID.   There’s such an intense desire for things to go back to a normal, but each time we turn around, the finish line feels just as far away.  Some people feel more affected than others, but the those who say they are happier and more peaceful (even during these turbulent times), are the ones who practice self-care and self-compassion.  I know these seem like just buzz words, but if you understand what they mean in your own life and learn how to put them into practice, they work amazingly well.

Right now, when the world feels completely overwhelming and out of control, my horses and I are here to help you find a greater sense of peace and happiness.  We will connect with each other in a safe, outside environment and work together to find each person’s unique road map to self-care and self-compassion. You will bring in your stuff that’s causing stress, anxiety or imbalance and leave with some concrete tools on how to make immediate changes.

In this 4 part series, you will discover how to get out of your head, be the boss of your brain, and become fully present to what’s happening in the here and now.  And if the here and now doesn’t seem so good, you’ll learn some ways to make it better. You will learn all about self-care and what that really means.  You will explore your patterns and behaviors and develop some action steps to build on the good ones and move forward from the destructive ones.

I know it may sound too good to be true, but equine guided coaching sessions really do help you find the answers and show you what you need to do to move forward with happiness and clarity.


“Trish is a breath of fresh air.  Her mindfulness and horses class made me look at my life from a different perspective.  I often find myself “settling” for the easy way and Trish and her horses challenged me to get out of my head and think about what it is I truly want for myself”  ~ Nancy

Current Offering:

Spring Series 

For 4 weeks, your Tuesday evenings will be spent basking in the presence of the beautiful horses, magnificent natural surroundings and a small group of like-minded people.

Through simple yoga poses, mindfulness activities and meditation time with the horses, we will focus on developing an individual self-care plan that feels good and right to you (and this doesn’t just mean getting a massage once a year).

Through hands on horse activities, you will learn about yourself and how to incorporate some concrete tools such as body awareness, present moment living, and brain training into your day to day life.

And, to top it all off, we’ll have loads of fun and laughs because the horses always bring lightness and happiness to our time together.



**Registration is now open – Tuesday evenings beginning on May 4th

Where:  The barn at Joy Rides Coaching ~ directions available upon registration

Cost:  $200 for the 4 week session

To reserve your spot:  Pay a $50 registration fee, which does goes towards the cost of the series

Minimum class size – 2, Maximum class size – 6

Contact Trish to register or to pay by check or cash:  by phone at 970-946-7835 or through email at


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