Be the Boss of Your Brain

So often these days you find yourself arguing with your partner (or your ex), impatient with your kids, stressed with keeping the household going and unhappy at work.  Rationally, you know that you have a good life and that you should be happy and grateful, but you just can’t help the way that you feel.

There are times when you don’t even recognize yourself anymore, and worse than that, sometimes you don’t even like who you’ve become.  You’re feeling stressed, anxious and easily irritated, and your relationships with family and friends are suffering.  And when do you feel happy and hopeful, it only lasts for a short while until something or someone pushes you right back to the dark side.

You’re exhausted because there’s always a whirlwind of thoughts going through your head. You obsess over things that happened in the past, stress about things going on with your family, friends and the world, and worry about what’s going to happen in the future.  You’ve heard that staying in the present moment will help you deal with things better, but you really don’t know what that means or how to do it.

The one thing you do know for sure, is that you’re tired of feeling stressed, crabby and tired, and you want to get back to who you used to be.  Someone that had fun and felt more joyful.

You’re ready to have more control over how you are feeling, because you really just want to be happy and content with your life.  And then you could enjoy the time you had with your family and friends rather than feeling frustrated and nitpicky around them. You want to be a good parent who’s patient and kind and be in a loving relationship with your partner.  You want to be happy with how you treat yourself and others.

You wish you could wake up in the morning feeling excited about your day and go to bed each night without a thousand nagging thoughts swirling through your head. And it wouldn’t it be great to stop spending so much time worrying about other what other people are thinking and doing and start having some more time for yourself and the things you love without feeling guilty or anxious about what you should be doing?

What if I told you that you CAN have exactly those things that you are longing for?

What if I told you that you CAN take control of how you think and feel and it’s not that hard to get there?  It does take practice, for sure, but that’s where I come in. Together we will create a plan that’s just right for you and that you can easily fit into your days. I am a life coach that works with women, couples and families who are unhappy with the amount of anxiety and stress in their lives and relationships. I help you learn how to slow down, unplug and connect more deeply with yourself, nature and one another so you can feel happier and more fulfilled.

Through working with me, you can look forward to:

  • More awareness of how you think and what you do, so you start having more control over how you feel.
  • A better understanding of how and why your buttons are being pushed and how you can stop the downward spiral that happens when you start losing it emotionally.
  • Learning action steps to keep negative emotions from hijacking your entire life.
  • Spending the kind of time with your family and friends that makes you feel good.
  • Taking action to do the things in your life that you love to do.
  • Turning your “shoulds and have-tos” into wants and desires.
  • An increased sense of well-being about your life and your relationships.
  • Knowing that you can and deserve to have fun, have fulfilling relationships, and have time for yourself.

If this all sounds great, here’s the package for you:

Dreaming and Scheming   I want to know all about what’s pushing your buttons right now and what your life might look like if that didn’t happen so much.  I’ll send you a questionnaire within 24 hours of signing up and it will help you define your top emotional and stress triggers and get you dreaming about what you want your days to look like and how you want to feel.  It will also help you get clear on what is important to you, so you can be sure to include these things into your action plan for moving forward.

Be the Boss of your Brain Coaching Session So, you’ve dreamed and schemed and it was a nice break from reality.  But now, the big question is:  how is it actually going to help you change your life and make your relationships better?  In this 90 minute coaching call, we’ll talk about exactly that.   Our call will help you clarify your thoughts, get curious about your emotions and understand your behaviors so can have a starting point for creating the life that your choose.  During our call, I will share 2-3 coaching tools that you can use right away to start taking control over how you think and feel, so you can feel some relief from irritability and stress, a positive shift in your relationships, and a greater sense of well-being.

Putting Into Practice My Wonderful Life When you want to learn how to play an instrument or get better at a sport, you have to practice.  The same holds true for learning how to be the boss of your brain and to change how you think and feel.  So now’s the time to use the things that you’ve learned in our coaching session and start putting them into practice.  I will email you a worksheet after our call so you can take action right away.  The worksheet will help you create a plan that feels good to you, write down the coaching tools you are going to use, and develop a strategy of how, when and where you are going to use those tools so you can start living your wonderful life.

If you are ready to be the boss of your brain, stop getting your buttons pushed and live the life that you choose, I can help you get there.  

Investment:  $150.00

Ready to get started?  Here’s what you do: Step 1:  Make your payment of $150.00 here:

Brain Boss session

Step 2:  Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your “Getting to Know You” worksheet and instructions for booking your coaching session

Step 3:  Then we’ll have your “Be the Boss of Your Brain” coaching session and get you started on living the life that you choose.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at, and I’ll return your email within 24 hours.