Words from Participants



The horse trip with Joy Rides was truly transformational. Having been so incredibly fortunate to enjoy many great spiritual and adventure retreats over the years, from surf camps and yoga retreats, to Active New Zealand… I do think what Joy Rides is offering is something really special!

Anyone who enjoys adventure, freedom and expansion into the best of life and self-knowledge, will love these trips! This excursion offered the ideal mix of sacred space; freedom and mystery combined with the strength and wisdom of confident, beautiful and supportive women.

In our busy lives, with so many responsibilities and so much “doing”, it was wondrous to have the chance to reflect and “be” among like-minded people. Trusting the great staff to plan when and where we would eat, guiding us in horse relationship and riding and facilitating guided mindfulness activities, was truly a gift in itself.

The time in nature alone was transformational, and the magic of the horses and participating in unique and “once in a lifetime” pursuits such as silent rides, and hiking to cliff dwellings among ancient pottery shards with NO other people in sight for 3 days have left me with this sacred space within myself forever. I am eternally grateful to Joy Rides for this experience and look forward to the chance to attend a future ride!

~ Jackie

I met Trish through her “Cowgirl Clinic” a few summers ago, reigniting my passion for horses and introducing me to mindfulness techniques.  Trish’s calm and non-judgmental demeanor created a safe environment for beginning my mindfulness journey, leading me to make an empowering career change using the tools she taught me.  Participating in one of her amazing journeys to Italy allowed me to deepen my self-awareness and hone my ability to live in the moment as we rode horses through the spectacular Tuscan landscape, stopping for wine tasting, leisurely lunches, and scenic stops along the way.  Trish provides valuable lessons instrumental in the pursuit of fulfilling change and balance for those seeking to achieve deeper connection to a meaningful life.

~ Michelle



I’m still in awe from my time on our magical horseback riding trip across Western Ireland. With her infinite horse whispering wisdom, Trish Lemke of Joy Rides organized our six day ride across emerald pastures and along ancient rock walls and ruins. She delivered a fantastic experience both on and off the trail. Trish seamlessly wove her approachable coaching style throughout the trip — from our nightly contemplative practice of the five senses to the insights on the trail. It was a delightful experience, and I look forward to the next opportunity to join her on the trail.

~Julie Edge, Kansas City


The  Awakenings retreat was the perfect “medicine” for me – as a nurse I was feeling caregiver fatigue. I was blessed to be led to Trish and Stacey. The work they are doing truly touches the soul and allowed me to connect with what drives me and to connect with other beautiful souls from all over the country. I’m ready to return home refreshed and renewed.

~ Lisa




I am so very thankful for you and Daisy.  She is an integral part in keeping me whole and balanced.  I am forever grateful!

~ Kelly


Being able to participate in Awakenings , the Art of Reciprocity was truly one of  the most wonderful, learning, connecting and transforming retreates I have ever attended.  It far exceeded the personal awakenings I have had from any of the multitudes or “management” seminars, workshops and retreats that I have attended in the past.  Stacey Couch of Wild Gratitude and Trish Lemke of Joy Rides co-facilitated this beautiful spiritual guidance and equine life coaching with a joyful mix of techniques, feedback, insights; leading the group through a variety of exercises yet enabling each participant to embrace them individually.

I leave able to effectively and actively start my own personal transformation armed with tools, knowledge and connections to make it possible.  I leave with wonderful new friends. I leave with both excitement and trepidation. I leave with sadness that this impactful experience is over, yet excited to move forward.

Worth the money – absolutely!

Lifetime and value – Priceless!


I have been blown away by the insights and clarity that I have gained while working with Trish Lemke and the horses at Joy Rides. I am no stranger to life coaching, but this was a new level of coaching experience that has opened my eyes to so many things about myself, and offered me wisdom and support in such a new and refreshing way.

I also came in with some anxiety around horses, and in just a handful of sessions I have learned how to not only be with them, but on them without fear. Trish is also a wonderful facilitator, and creates a space of self-discovery and growth that is truly inspiring and illuminating. Thank you again Trish for your wise guidance, your amazing horses and this valuable work that you do!



Trish has been my phone coach through an exceptionally challenging time in my life. I live on the other side of the world and yet feel so connected. Trish has enabled me to re- connect with my true authentic self, and is working with me to continue to excavate that woman from the rubble of my life where I buried her for years. Trish works with integrity, encouragement, compassion and wisdom, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking true north.

~ Karen




Tuscan Horse Adventure… there’s an entire world of awe and wonder captured in those three simple words, and this excursion did not disappoint! Riding through vineyards and olive groves, trekking up Mt. Giovi, relaxing in fascinating lodgings rich in Italian history and culture… and of course, ample pasta and wine!

It’s hard to express… seeing the heartland of Italy in all it’s beauty… on the back of an amazingly well-trained creature… with guides that are safe, and experienced, and hilarious! The folks at Vallebona weren’t just inn keepers or horse trainers… they quickly became friends intent on sharing the amazing life they have lovingly cultivated.

And although they were wonderful hosts and horse & mountain guides, Trish from joyistheride.com was our “human guide”, fostering a group bond that went well beyond the typical gathering of strangers with coinciding vacation schedules. Her wise, warm, sensitive, and funny nature brought the group together, while expanding our reflexive (and perhaps miopic) perspectives as well. As a group, we learned to take it all in, in new ways which heightened the experience. Part horse whisperer, part human whisperer… Trish took the trip, and all of us, to another level.

– Joe

The Joy Rides trip was nothing short of perfect and it has settled into my memory and soul in the most wonderful way.  I feel calm, confident and content in a way that I haven’t felt in years.  I have some challenging times ahead of me emotionallly and I now feel totally up to it because of this trip.   I could say “thank you” 10,000 times and it wouldn’t feel enough.

– Heather




Thanks to Trish, and her amazing horses Daisy and Rosie, I just experienced one of the most wonderful weeks of fun, hard work, self-discovery, and learning in my nearly 7 decades!

We scheduled this personal time devoted to continuing work from two prior Awakenings equine retreats (each in and of themselves incredible) to continue an intimate and personal level of growth.

So many “Ah-ha’s” occurred, and coupled with Trish’s observations and wise counsel, I felt I learned so very much in a relatively short – and enjoyable – amount of time that I can’t wait to repeat this experience!

My take-aways were fairly obvious and simple once broken down. The absolute pleasure and pure joy in being able to work one-on-one with Daisy and Rosie to improve my horse ‘skills’ and knowledge, being challenged to undertake assignments for which I had adopted a belief I couldn’t do or wouldn’t succeed – all while receiving the benefit of their astute and equally magical teaching, made this ‘vacation’ unforgettable.

I would highly recommend this private intensive experience to anyone and everyone who is looking for a unique and remarkable way to learn about themselves, challenge themselves, and develop a path forward under Trish’s, Daisy’s and Rosie’s guidance – I know I plan to repeat it!