Costa Rica Itinerary

Day 1

Morning: Arrival by 11 am
Midday: Welcoming Lunch and Introductions
Afternoon: Horse Selection/Partnering
Later Afternoon: Spa Evaluation and Recommendations

Days 2 – 7

Workshop will include Joy Ride and Eponaquest exercises, riding days, group sessions, private sessions, time for rest, reflection and spa services.

Day 8

Morning: Breakfast
Departure: If you schedule your departing flight today, it should leave no earlier than 1pm.

*Because the nature of the work with the horses is very personal, we individualize every trip based upon the wants and desires of the group. The following is a sample itinerary of what can be included in one of our trips, but rides and activities are determined by the group.


Day 1

Meet and Greet. Explore themes of mindfulness ~ unplugging, tuning in and connecting. Personally discover the horse/human connection when the horses are brought in and allowed to pick their human partner.

The evening will include spa evaluations and recommendations.


Day 2

Waterfall Ride. Meet your horse and head out to our private waterfall. Ride through pastures, rivers, rainforest. Go for a refreshing swim at the waterfall. End the day with a rejuvenating spa treatment and a delicious dinner. Hours in the Saddle: 4


Day 3

A day of Epona exercises and Joy Rides mindfulness activities. Focus on developing a deep connection through natural communication, relationship building and play.


Day 4

Trek to Finca Tuete. Ride across countryside through open pastures, rainforest and country roads to Finca Tuete a working dairy farm. After caring for your horse, release him into the pasture just off your private deck. Enjoy a restful night of sleep in a large 4-plex cabin with a wraparound porch perched on a mountain top with a 360° view of Arenal and the Northern Plains. There will be plenty of opportunities to canter and play with your horse on the ride to this 120 acre working dairy farm. Hours in the saddle: 6


Day 5

Adventure activity, cultural immersion day, individual riding lessons or another group ride.


Day 6

Rainforest and Mountain Farm Ride and Waterfall Swim. Gallop along the mountain pastures and enjoy stunning views of the Arenal Volcano of Costa Rica. Explore rainforests, traverse clear running rivers, and trot along old country roads. Stop at waterfall #2 a 3 tiered waterfall, if the water level is ok, swim at the bottom pool on your horse! Return to Leaves and Lizards. Hours in the saddle: 6


Day 7

Cowboy for A Day: Activities will vary on this day depending upon the trek and your interest. Learn to work with cattle, play traditional rodeo games on horseback. Work on special horseback riding skills.


Day 8

Integration and Goodbyes