305, 2021

The Land Tells Stories

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I don't know about you, but I'm fascinated by the past.  Not so much by history, like dates and wars and whom was president when, but more in the regular lives of people whose feet have walked in the same places where mine now do.  They built a life here and raised their families.  They grew their crops, planted flowers, [...]

308, 2020

The Dash We Choose

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My father-in-law passed away a couple of weeks ago.  He was a man of such compassion and presence that it's hard to believe he's no longer walking the earth in physical form. He was that old time country doctor that everyone dreams about having.  When you told him about how bad you were feeling, he really looked at you, he [...]

2801, 2020

Turning your Woes to Wows

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You know I'm all about adding more happiness and peace into life.  And I love sharing coaching tools to help you make some easy changes that can have a huge and positive impact on your day-to-day lives. After all, if you're happier and more content, then so are the people in your life, and the people in their lives, and [...]

111, 2017

Relish the Little Joys, Create the Big Joys

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I am in the business of helping people find their joy. More and more, I'm finding that joy is an elusive quality that a lot of folks have a hard time grasping. Everyone seems to be in search of the BIG JOY, what it is that has their hearts pumping and bursting out of their chests. The "little kid" feeling of thrill each morning [...]

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