Find your HAPPY.

Are you feeling the pull of travel and adventure? 


Are you ready to have something exciting and joyful to look forward to in 2021?


Are you longing to unplug from the stressors of life and have a deeply transformative experience?

Then get off of the beaten path, immerse yourself into the traditions, history and culture of a foreign land, and join me for an unforgettable journey with horses.  I have some amazing trips planned for 2021.  Come join me!

Costa Rican Beach Retreat
March 2021

  • Experience a truly unique combination of horse riding, ecotourism excursions, yoga on horseback and extra time with your horse to deeply connect and create a bond of trust and respect.


  • Rejuvenate, reset, relax and experience La Pura Vida like a Tico as you ride your horse through the village, gallop through the waves, take a swim in the ocean together, listen to the howler monkeys, spy sloths in the trees and enjoy the purity of natural Costa Rica.

Scottish Horse Trekking & Archery Adventure
July 2021

  • Ride in the footsteps of the kings and queens and discover the history, wild landscapes and stunning natural beauty of Scotland. Deeply immerse yourself in a culture that is steeped in tradition and history while exploring the land in the way that it has been for centuries – by horseback. 


  • Dance at a Ceilidh, picnic at Loch Lomond, walk down the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh, ride along the cliffs and beaches and even try your hand at Horseback Archery.

Tuscany Horse Riding & Italian Culture Immersion
Sep. 2021

  • Imagine riding through oil groves and vineyards, seeing the Tuscan villas in the distance, and knowing that the staples on your dinner table that night (olive oil and red wine, of course) will come from the very hills your horse is trotting.


  • Experience authentic Italy like a local with a private winery tour at one of the oldest vineyards in the country, taste pizza the way it was meant to be, prepared by a true pizza chef from Naples, stroll along the cobblestone streets of Florence and learn how to make pasta the old fashioned way.

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I had the great pleasure of taking a trip on horseback through part of the beautiful countryside of Spain with Joy rides. Trish had every detail taken care of and then some. The outfit we rode with was phenomenal, the places we stayed were phenomenal, the horses we rode were phenomenal and the people that were in our group of riders were phenomenal.
Did I mention that everything was phenomenal?

Tuscan Horse Adventure… there’s an entire world of awe and wonder captured in those three simple words, and this excursion did not disappoint! Riding through vineyards and olive groves, trekking up Mt. Giovi, relaxing in fascinating lodgings rich in Italian history and culture… and of course, ample pasta and wine!
As a group, we learned to take it all in, in new ways which heightened the experience. Part horse whisperer, part human whisperer… Trish took the trip, and all of us, to another level.

The horse trip with Joy Rides was truly transformational. Having been so incredibly fortunate to enjoy many great spiritual and adventure retreats over the years, from surf camps and yoga retreats, to Active New Zealand… I do think what Joy Rides is offering is something really special!
I am eternally grateful to Joy Rides for this experience and look forward to the chance to attend a future ride!

I’m still in awe from my time on our magical horseback riding trip across Western Ireland. With her infinite horse whispering wisdom, Trish Lemke of Joy Rides organized our six day ride across emerald pastures and along ancient rock walls and ruins.
She delivered a fantastic experience both on and off the trail. It was a delightful experience, and I look forward to the next opportunity to join her.