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Wit and Wisdom from a Horse #7

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“Be Curious” If you would watch when a horse is interacting with a new person, animal, place or thing, you would be able to see them displaying an acute awareness and an intense curiosity. They would use all of their senses to explore and make sense of the previously unknown. They may put their lips up [...]

Wit and Wisdom for a horse #6

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Wit and wisdom from a horse #6 “Don’t apologize (or if you’re an apology addict, do it less)” If you’ve ever studied or even watched horse behavior, you would notice that they never apologize for who they are, what they look like, what they are wearing, what they say (nonverbally, of course), or how much space [...]

Wit and Wisdom from a Horse #5

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"Open your heart" My horsey friend, Kate, came out to the stable yesterday and did some energy work with my mare, Rosie.  Kate worked with her for about an hour and did some amazing things, but what stuck with me the most was when she said, “Horses almost always have an open heart”.  It’s just in [...]

Wit and Wisdom from a Horse #4

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"Follow your instincts" I went out to the barn the other day and one of my mares was in heat.  For all of you non-horsey people out there, let’s just say that about once a month, the girls are very flirty with the boys and receptive to their attention. Well, that one day when I put [...]